I called it. Not to brag but my first ever article involved DeMarcus Cousins being traded from the self destructive franchise, the Sacremento Kings. However, I had no idea that he would be moving to the New Orleans Pelicans. DeMarcus was very adamant about wanting to remain on the team that drafted him. But it was no secret that his career on the Kings was a turbulent one.

The Mad Kings

DeMarcus had a serious issue with a great coach in George Karl, that blew up on his team mates after losses and generally spoke out on the Kings lack of competency, especially in front office.

He still went on the court and averaged almost 28 pts, around 11 rebounds and just under 5 assists this season but the Kings were 9th in the conference and Boogie still had more technical fouls then any of player this year with 19. It was obvious that the guy was unhappy with all the losing.

Blockbuster Trade!

Demarcus Cousins is arguably the best big man in the league, his competition for that title includes Anthony Davis and Karl Anthony Towns, at least if we are talking about his age group. for big man supremacy. He now plays alongside the 2017 All Star Game MVP, who just happens to be many peoples pick as the best big man in the game Anthony Davis. A man who literally last night (This morning for UK fans) annihilated the All Star Game points record which was previously 42, he added 10 to that figure and posted 52 points!

Davis has also had some of the most electrifying and record shattering performances in NBA matches. His team was his kryptonite before, but with Boogie Cousins and Jrue holiday they now have a solid young foundation that they can build around. The Pelicans gave up Buddy Hield and two draft picks for the acquisition of Boogie, I definitely feel as though New Orleans got the better deal.

What this could mean?

It is common knowledge that the favourites to win the league are the Golden State Warriors, some of the other best teams in the league includes the Cleveland Cavaliers and the San Antonio Spurs. None of these teams have a big who can defend either of these players. Kevin Love and Tristian Thompson would be eaten alive by Boogie and the Brow.

Draymond Green is a great defender but he can't guard Davis and DeMarcus for 48 minutes, and LaMarcus Aldridge would get dominated. Kawhi is the best defensive player in the league but he doesn't have the size to match up against these two.

In a league where the big man has been almost an after thought for a while, the league began to simply not think of ways to guard against a offensive big man force. These two could create some of the worst defensive matchups the league has had to face for a while. In fact this duo could create such a big shockwave in the league that other teams have to recreate their rosters to deal with them.

The Pelicans are only 2 games away from a playoff spot. If they make it to the Playoffs the Warriors could be in for a very difficult series as they have zero interior defence. DeMarcus Cousins pretty much defeated them by himself, imagine the domination in the paint with the two of them! The season just got a lot more interesting.