Wayne Shaw, the Sutton United reserve goalkeeper and goalkeeping coach, has resigned. Shaw is under investigation by the FA for breaching betting rules after he was seen on the touchline eating a pie.

Earlier in the evening, The Sun Bet, who sponsored Sutton United as a one off for their tie vs Premier League giants Arsenal, tweeted odds to a market which allowed punters to bet on whether Wayne Shaw would eat a pie on camera.

Sutton manager: 'It made us look unprofessional'

The bookmakers offered odds of 8-1 on Shaw eating a pie. Sutton United boss, Paul Doswell, stated: 'I'm embarrassed for us.

I'm embarrassed for the club. What happened didn't make us appear professional. We have felt that we have dealt with the matter as quickly as possible. Wayne offered his resignation this afternoon. It has been accepted. Really, it is a tragic way to end a great story for us. Wayne has done a lot for the club but his position has become untenable'.

Paul Doswell continued, stating: 'It's clear professional footballers aren't allowed to bet on professional football, regardless of whether it was a fun bet. It was unacceptable. It's very disappointing. I woke up this morning to a lot of criticism. It is with a very heavy heart that I must bid a tremendously close friend of mine farewell from the club.

He was a servant to Sutton and it's sad his relationship with the club has to end this way'.

'The food was for my belly, not for a bet'

Wayne Shaw, in an interview with Radio 4, said he was aware of the betting promotion before the match started. The goalkeeper claimed that he played into the incident, labelling it a 'bit of fun'.

'We are told on a regular basis not to bet on football as it is a full-time profession. I didn't put anyone in jeopardy. It was a little bit of fun, plus I was hungry. The food was for my belly, not for a bet,' Shaw told Radio 4.

The Gambling Commission and the Football Association, in a joint statement, confirmed it was investigating the matter further. 'It is our duty to investigate whether there was any irregularity in the betting market. It is very clear that the FA state you're not allowed to bet, regardless of the nature of the bet.'