With the emergence of £27 million Gabriel Jesus, the question on everyone's lips is what will happen to one of the Premier League's best players? One thing you can bet on is that Sergio Aguero is going nowhere in a hurry.

It's water off a duck's back now for Manchester City fans who hear that Aguero is again 'on the move." He'd be the most transferred player in history should he have followed every report of him leaving England. Generally, when a team like Real Madrid want their man, they will get them. But Aguero has shown no signs of wanting to leave the Etihad and has pledged his future to the club in recent days and signed a contract extension last year that keeps him in Manchester until 2020.

Guardiola has made no secret that he wants more from Aguero off the ball, which in the pre-Pep era the Argentine substituted for his ability to score goals when City needed them most.

Not under the new regime.

It's evident that in the initial glimpses we have all had of Jesus that he will chase a lost cause and put pressure on the opposition defence. And based on what we've seen from Guardiola since he joined in the summer, no one is indispensable.

Why can't City score?

One thing that Manchester City fans will be concerned about, or at least should be concerned about, is the lack of goals the team is scoring. Despite big wins against West Ham and Crystal Palace in recent weeks, there is too much of a reliance on the one striker Pep leads with.

City's forward three who play behind the striker are generally De Bruyne, Silva, and Sterling, and they just do not score enough goals.

Chelsea have Costa and Hazard. Arsenal has Sanchez and Giroud. Tottenham have Kane and Ali and Liverpool have the likes of Mane, Coutinho, Firminho who will contribute throughout the season.

City is missing a player, or maybe even two players, who will chip in with 10 goals a season, as well as the lone striker. In previous seasons it's been Yaya Toure and even Edin Dzeko from the bench, with the expectancy that Aguero will score over 20 goals in the season. Another difficult one for Guardiola to ponder.

Can the two play together?

There could be a way out of both problems for Guardiola, who might make the bold move of playing both Jesus and Aguero in the coming weeks. Under Pellegrini, there were many occasions where Aguero would play off Dzeko. I know that's simple big man small man partnership, but that's two players who are natural goal scorers rather than one.

The difficult question is then who does Aguero replace in that forward four? Does Jesus play from the left (where he has previously played for Palmeiras), although will that make him less effective? Fortunately it's not for me to decide, but, like most football fans, it would be interesting to see whether Jesus and Aguero can strike up a partnership and narrow the large gap to runaway leaders Chelsea.

Spare a thought for Iheanacho

City's young Nigerian striker Kelechi Iheanacho, who has lit up the Premier League with his brief cameo's, now finds himself way down the pecking order in a team that generally only plays with one striker. Is the best thing a loan move away from the Etihad to continue his development? My preference would be yes to a loan move, however, Guardiola is unlikely to let him go should there be injuries to the more favoured front two.