I think Rudyard Kipling said it best:

"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs..."

This is exactly what the 35-year-old Swiss talisman, Roger Federer has been doing whilst critics sharpen their swords and have been quick, too quick, to write him off.

Respect your opponent

When Andy Murray beat the dangerous American Sam Querrey, who last season sent Djokovic out of Wimbledon 2016, his army of fans breathed a massive sigh of relief, they knew that their man had swerved a potential banana skin. Nobody thought that the little known German, Mischa Zverev would be even a slight threat.

Mischa came into the tournament not even the best tennis player in his family, with his brother Alexander being the 24th seed who succumbed to Nadal in the 3rd round. Particularly given the workman-like nature of Mischa's 3rd round victory over Jazri. His ability to leave that form way behind in the next round to put Murray out, was as impressive as it was shocking. Lightning, sure can't strike twice, can it?

Well, you do not become a 17 time Grand Slam champion if you do not respect all of your opponents. Federer has made a successful career out this and will give Mischa the same respect he would have given Sir Andy Murray.

Head to Head

It will not surprise you to learn that there is no head to head between these players.

Federer did not play much last season due to injury and Mischa Zverev spent most of his time before October 2016, out of the top 100 in the world. Now at a career high of 50, he is using the shock factor that comes with the fact that not a great deal was known about him, other than who his brother is, before his demolition of Murray.

That said, Federer is really good at reading opponents in-match and he will be sure to have studied Zverev's previous game, perhaps even more than Sir Andy Murray has.

Getting better by the game

Federer's tough five-set victory over the danger Japanese star, Kei Nishikori in the fourth round, showed that he still has the hunger to succeed and treats each Grand Slam like it is his first.

It is this approach that means that the critics can't write his Australian Open obituary, just yet, if at all.

This enthralling match is scheduled to take place on the 24th January 2017.

Prediction: It's got to be Federer for this one.