Attacking Football displayed by Garuda Team in the first leg match last Saturday, most likely to be changed by Indonesia's coach Alfred Riedl in AFF Suzuki Cup 2016 Semifinal second leg on Wednesday. Facing one of the favorite team like Vietnam in the away game, let alone Garuda Team need only a draw, would be very risky if they keep playing attacking football.

Moreover, Garuda Team (name after Indonesia national symbol, The Great Eagle) defensive line is now complete after two central defenders were suspended in the first leg. With four ready-to-play central defender, Fachrudin Aryanto, Rudolof Yanto Basna, Manahati Lestusen, and Hansamu Pranata, at their disposal, Riedl can implement many strategies for his team.

"However, I can't tell you about the composition of the players now. I will inform the team news tomorrow before the match," said 67 years old coach.

Indonesian national team also has several multifunctional players like Lestusen and Stefano Lilipaly. Lestusen can play as a right back, central defender, or defensive midfielder. While Lilipaly can occupy the position as defensive winger, midfielder, or second striker.

"I have players who can play in several positions. Moreover, I also often change position in every game," added Riedl.

Standard Formation

Standard 4-4-2 formation is expected to remain in use by Riedl, although a number of options could be implemented by the coach. For example the 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 formation, keep in mind in some previous games, Indonesia's midfielder often difficult to balance the opponents' midfield.

These two formations are often used by the teams that brought the counter attack game. When defending, there will be five players at their defensive line (three center backs plus two fullbacks). However this strategy is very risky. If the fullbacks undisciplined and too forward to help the attack and not to get back in time, will bring a dangerous situation.

Three center backs will be difficult to deal with attacks from the opponents' front line and midfield.

Semifinal second leg match will take place at the My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi, on Wednesday, December 7 at 19.00 local time.