Playing a wonderful attacking match and giving a surprise to indonesia fans by beating one of the favorites to win the cup 2-1 last Saturday, was not enough for Team Garuda. They have to score a goal in the My Dinh National Stadium, in the Semifinal second leg on Wednesday, to ensure their place in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2016 final.

The winning goals in the first leg were contributed by defender Hansamu Yama Pranata in 7th minute and striker Boaz Solossa with a penalty goal at their temporary home base, Pakansari Stadium in Cibinong.

Austrian Coach Alfred Riedl, Indonesia's head coach was very happy to see his men show a good display.

According to him, Indonesian players showed high speed with an awesome defense. Attacking style of play was highly visible on their winger movement driven by mercurial players like Andik Vermansyah and Rizky Pora.

“I think we saw a very interesting match with high speed and a lot of effort from both sides,” said Riedl.

In the second half, Riedl said, Vietnam was a little stronger than his team but he was proud to have achieved this win against a very strong opponent.

On Saturday's match, Indonesia played with substitute central defender, Manahati Lestusen and Hansamu, whose succesfully shocked those watching their precise play. Now, Riedl had a tough decision for the second leg. Central defender duo, Fachrudin Wahyudi Aryanto and Rudolf Yanto Basna are ready to play after being suspended in first leg.

Looking forward to the Second leg

In the second leg playing at home, it's believed Vietnam will show attacking football. With one away goal in hand, thanks to Nguyen Van Quyet's goal, it is known they need to win by 1-0 to advance to the final. Indonesia has to score a goal and avoid losing by more than two goals.

Indonesia last played at My Dinh in a friendly less than four weeks ago when they suffered a 3-2. This scoreline would be enough to see Indonesia book a date in the final with either Thailand or Myanmar.