Who is currently the best player in the Premier League? Some people may say Sergio Aguero, Eden Hazard or Kevin De Bruyne, but for us, it is Alexis Sanchez and we will tell you why! The Chilean makes the difference in every game he take part of and it is not a surprise. Saturday’s performance in Arsenal 5-1 defeat to West Ham United was a great proof, that you can’t find many players on Alexis’ level.

Among the title contenders in the Premier League, no player is so important for his team, as is Alexis to Arsenal. Perhaps the loss of Brazilian magician Philippe Coutinho to a long term injury will reveal how crucial he has become to The Reds.

Diego Costa’s eleven goals have put Antonio Conte’s side to the top, but the rise of Chelsea, like Manchester City and Liverpool has been more about a collective effort rather than brilliant performances of one player.

Another world class striker at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger should ask himself why it took him so long to finally start electric forward as a central striker. Olivier Giroud’s delayed return from Euro 2016 tournament in France and another terrible injury to Danny Welbeck required Wenger to make a brave decision and make Alexis a new striker in the starting XI. The results have been amazing for the Gunners, as the Chilean has now eleven goals in the Premier League.

Beyond his goals and assist, Sanchez’s fast motion lends Arsenal dynamism that the much slower and less mobile Giroud can’t offer.

In the last game against West Ham, the hosts were harried into many mistakes, thanks to Alexis’ aggressive style of play. Three goals and one assist in a situation, where many of the strikers will never pass the ball to his teammate, that’s how you can sum up his brilliant performance at London Stadium.

Wenger admires Alexis

"Alexis has all the skills to be a top class striker and he shows that in every game. Today he was quick, he can dribble, he has short backlift. But the one thing that is the most important is his killer instinct. It shows again that the South Americans, at the moment are the best at the striker position. If you look through the top forwards in Europe, you can see that most of them were born in South America." - said Arsene Wenger.