There is no denying that the arrival of Italian coach, Antoni Conte, has changed the air at Stamford Bridge. After switching to a 3-4-3 formation, Chelsea won six times in a row. However, not to mention that Diego Costa makes the difference would be unfair. The former Atletico Madrid striker, who looked "down" last season, shows that he is currently the true lion of the Blues. With his tenth goal in Premier League and three assistances, Costa leads Chelsea to the top of the league, which seems to be just the beginning.

The home team, Middlesbrough, was tough and had a good chance of goals as well, but the day was mean to be blue.

Or even more: Meant to be Diego Costa!

Bitter draw

Liverpool, on the other side, lost the lead meeting a bitter a draw against Southampton. Despite the pressure, the Reds lost lots of good chances of goals and 'stopped' in the defense of the owners. The great Coutinho missed a clear chance as well and Firmino also wasted one. Well, it wasn't a Red day. Good for Southampton, that kept tenth position and for the Blues. The run for the first position continues with Manchester City and Arsenal right behind. Yaya Toure, in his debut with Guardiola as a coach, scored twice and guarantees the victory for the City over Crystal Palace. In Old Trafford, Manchester United almost beat Arsenal in a game that was worthy in positions, but suffered the draw in the final minutes thanks to Giroud.

Even not playing well, Arsenal secured fourth place on the table while United is in sixth.

Bet your heart

The championship is headed for its first half and the lead is not guaranteed. One point separates the first from the second and third places. Emotions are about to come as the football lovers likes! Teams on the fields and hearts on table!

Start the bets as there is still plenty of ball to roll.

Electrifying Saturday

Next Saturday Chelsea is going to face Tottenham at home in an electrifying derby, while on the same day, Liverpool will be facing Sunderland and City will visit Burnley. Get ready supporters!