Should FIFA have the power to punish England and Scotland for wearing poppies ?

Is the poppy a political symbol or a sign of remembrance of the fallen soldiers for Great Britain ?

Outline of the argument

World Football governing body FIFA have warned the English and Scottish FA, that should the nations wear poppies when they play their crucial qualifier on Friday 11th November. Both nations could be fined and deducted points because FIFA has banned the use of the poppies deeming it a political symbol.

This has caused a big debate into FIFA policies and that the poppy isn’t a symbol for Politics, but a symbol of remembrance to the brave soldiers who have sacrificed their life’s, for the people of Great Britain.

Both FA's decided to go against the threat

Both the Scottish and the English FA’s went against the wishes of FIFA to not use the poppies, by wearing them in remembrance of the fallen during their match at Wembley. This sends out a clear message to FIFA that both FA’s don’t believe that this is a political symbol, furthermore the FA’s are willing to take the punishments given to them. It would’ve been a great travesty if both nations don’t celebrate the great Military we have to protect Britain.

If FIFA go through with their threat of deducting points, then that would be an outrage because there is no use of the poppy in British politics. There is no use of it to show any kind of wrong doing i.e.

it’s not used for a far right movement or a sexist movement. The only place the poppy is used is on remembrance Sunday where all nations from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland come together.

What does the poppy symbolise ?

If anything the poppy symbolises what the opposite of a political symbol, where in politics people are divided on separate views of how the country should be run.

Where the Poppy resembles everyone coming together, regardless of their views on life.

This is something British people hold onto and it’s a proud day for the British Isles, as well as an emotional day for families of the fallen and people who are friends with the fallen. Overall the sense of pride when you hear of the stories of Normandy in the Second World War and the battle of Somme in the First World war.

You realise what these soldiers did to save the country and the world from the evils.

FIFA should keep it's own house in check

In addition to FIFA, many people believe that they should get their own house in check before making rash statements like this. FIFA has just recently had a massive change of leadership. Sepp Blatter was involved in a scandal about corruption which lead to resignation of him and many senior FIFA officials. They were under investigation by the FBI on bribery charges.

The point is that this policy was in with the old regime, therefore the new leadership under Gianni Infantino should over-turn this policy. However, I believe that they believe the same ideology as the old regime that the poppy is a symbol.

If FIFA end up punishing both nations there will be an uproar from both nations FA’s. Where there could be appeals and this story could be going on for a few months longer.