Has the FA covered up these child sex abuse cases to keep a clean name? That is the question.

Reports have come to light of a hidden darkness in British football

The recent reports of the child sex abuse scandal within Football is a massive set back and embarrassing time for British Football. At this time, many clubs are currently under investigation after allegations of former coaches of these clubs were abusing young boys in their academies. This is after the recent trials of celebrities who have been on trial for abusing young kid’s dating from the 1970’s to the 1990’s.

Football was seen as a respectable sport back in the 1970’s up to 1990’s. Now we are discovering the truth of a hidden darkness, from the game that had a respectable image thirty plus years ago.

What has been made public?

The first reports that have come to light are that of disgraced ex-football coach Barry Bennell, the reports have come out about him abusing players at Crewe Alexander when he was a coach there. The scandal started when former Crewe defender Alex Woodward told the Guardian that he was abused by Bennell. Woodward spoke about the intimidation he faced from Bennell when the ex-coach said, he would come for his family if he ever said anything about the sexual abuse.

Bennell has been convicted of child sex offensives in the past, he got convicted after a US tour with Staffordshire side Stone Dominoes.

Bennell was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida for abusing a 13 year old boy on the tour and was sentenced to four years in prison. Then Bennell got convicted in 1998 of 23 counts of child sex offenses and was sentenced to nine years in prison. As well receiving another prison sentence in 2015, this time he received a two-year sentence for abusing David lean in 1980.

Now he is at the centre of a child abuse scandal within football where he could receive a longer sentence.

One of the biggest clubs that are named and shamed are Chelsea Football Club, who in the 1970’s had a head scout called Eddie Heath. He has been accused of abusing ex-footballer Gary Johnson, Johnson then made a complaint about the abuse and has been reported to be offered £50,000 to keep quiet about the situation.

The problem is Heath is now dead and there can only be punishment made towards the club and compensation will most likely be given to Johnson.

What will happen now and how will it affect British football?

This is a dark time for the FA, some may call it a crisis. This will shine a bad light on the FA, where rumours of corruption and cover up’s have been put in place to keep a good image on British football. They could be put in a similar bracket to FIFA, which would set the FA back and will have to gain the trust back in the British public that the FA isn’t corrupt as it used to be.

Furthermore, the suspects involved in these cases that are still alive will be brought to trial after the separate clubs and police force investigate these allegations.

Therefore prison sentences will be handed out to the people found guilty. The cases that have been brought to light with the suspect deceased, would cause a problem with no justice being served which could anger the victims involved. However, all victims will most likely receive a compensation for either or both the club involved and the FA.