Former Indian Test Cricket team captain Anil Kumble has joined team india as a head coach in June 2016. This Indian legend had taken 956 international wickets and helped India to taste success in many close matches. He is also known for taking 10 wickets in a single test inning against Pakistan.


Coaching is a big responsibility. An excellent coach helps the team to touch the highest peak or fall on the ground. Gary Kirsten and John Wright helped Team India to achieve milestones while we had seen disputes, poor performance, and other negative instances under the coaching of Greg Chappel.

Looking at history, the Indian team has performed better under the coaching of abroad coaches than Indian Coaches. Indian team reached to 2003 WC final under the coaching of John wright. Also, India won the 2011 WC during Gary Kirsten’s coaching tenure.

No one has doubts about his cricket skills but he needs to face various obstacles to become a successful coach of team India.

Here is the list of requirements to become a better coach of Indian team : -

Keen co-ordination between two different captains

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has taken retirement from Test cricket. He captained team India in fixed over formats while Virat Kohli leads Indian test cricket team. Indian test cricket team is a younger side as compared to fixed over formats.

India’s performance in fixed over format is excellent. But, in the last 4 major tournaments, team India had lost 3 semi-finals and 1 final match. So, it demands weakness analysis and an effective action plan to deal with big match pressure and custom planning to win knockout matches.

Preparation for 2019 WC

2019 WC is supposed to be the last cricket event of India’s successful Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

He may announce retirement after the event. So, it's necessary for India team’s coach to build a stronger team to win the event and find a replacement of MS Dhoni as a player.

Also, the track record of India is very poor outside Asian continent. Team India needs a coach who can help them in improving abroad records and enable them to win matches on grass pitches.

Rational performance analysis for better decision-making

The best coach is one who never discriminates his students. That is what team India needs. If a player is not performing, communicate with him; work with him to improve his performance. But, if the performance remains the same then he should take the bold step and ask the captain to give a chance to bench sitters or find a replacement.

Also, Team India needs a strict coach. He should maintain discipline and ask players to maintain the same. If a player is not following the protocols then he must take the bold step against him.

Former Indian Legends Saurav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, and Sachin Tendulkar believe that Kumble has the potential and skills that fit all requirements needed to coach to team India.

Under his coaching, India had played two test series against West Indies and New Zealand and won both the series. Also, team India won ODI series against New Zealand and had lost 1 T20 series against WI. This is just a start, there’s a big roadmap that Kumble needs to walk with team India. Let us see, how Kumble will deal with future conditions and match the requirements of better Indian cricket coach.