All the best WWE pay -per-views have moments that shock viewers and take the stories in new directions but there are mixed reactions to the finale of the 2015 Survivor Series where Irish superstar Sheamus reclaimed the heavyweight title for the 4th time. Is this the right man to hold the belt in Seth Rollins' absence and should it have happened that way?

There are often results where fans are left asking a very simple question: “what was the point in that?”. This Sunday's Pay-Per-View evoked the same reaction after the winner of the ongoing tournament for the company's top prize, the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, lost the belt almost instantly.

For a brief moment Roman Reigns had finally succeeded but it was not to last and a cash-in from Money In The Bank winner Sheamus meant that the title changed hands again.

Is a Sheamus V Roman feud best for business right now?

For the fans and haters of both it was a significant moment but there is also a sense of disappointment for some; after all those rounds and the glimmer of hope around Dean Ambrose, the final of the tournament was won by a man that many feel isn't ready to be champion and the belt then lost to a man that struggles to get over with the WWE Universe. At one point this Irish champion would have been well-preserved by the public, particularly those on this side of the Atlantic, but there is a new man on the scene that has stolen Irish hearts.

At the Dublin Show on November 4th, as part of the WWE UK tour, Sheamus had a match against NXT champion Finn Balor. Finn won. to the joy and appreciation of the crowd, and his success on the tour leads many to think that he will called-up to the main roster soon.

Whether fans are rooting for Roman or Sheamus – or perhaps for a third party to come and spoil it all – it seems that this is our main feud for a while up on the main roster.

Roman is sure to demand his rematch at TLC and the next three weeks will build up to that main event with the trademark beat-downs, promos and contract signings. This is where Roman will really be portrayed as the underdog, the man that had the belt taken from him twice – once at a PPV and once behind the scenes due to the Seth Rollins push – and that has to face a brogue-kicking brawler in Boston. If speculation about a long-term “Road to Wrestlemania” style angle for Roman is correct, we should expect to see Sheamus retain in December.