In little less than two weeks, the Tennis court in Rio will welcome 64 participants, four of which will be Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. The Big Four have won almost every Major tournament in the past four years, excluding Wavrinka’s win at Wimbledon 2015. Will some of them win the Olympic Gold?

Murray and Nadal have an Olympic gold medal in their trophies, and Federer has won one in doubles. From the Big 4, only Novak Djokovic doesn’t have an Olympic gold medal. At the beginning of the year, Novak said Rio is his priority for the year.

The Serbian came very close last year to becoming the first player to win all four major tournaments in a calendar year, but he lost at Wimbledon. Can he recover for Rio 2016 Olympics? Let’s check their chances.

Rafael Nadal Rio Olympics.

Nadal hasn’t played a match since May 26, when he defeated Facundo Bagnis in the second round of the French open. Nadal withdraw from the tournament after that, citing his hand injury. Rafa won the gold medal in Beijing 2008, but he has the least chances from the big four to repeat. Hardcourt is just not a surface Nadal is comfortable playing at. He has won titles at Australian Open and US Open, but that was when he was in top form. This time, he is not as prepared for the Olympics.

The only thing Nadal has in his favor is the weather, as he is best accustomed to the climate and the hot weather that waits in Brazil.

Roger Federer Rio Olympics.

The Swiss showed he is still a dangerous player with his play at this year’s Wimbledon. The good news for Roger is that the Olympics tournament is played in two sets, meaning he will have to spend less time on the court.

And that will suit him well. Fedex has yet to win a title in 2016, but he has reached the semis in two of the Grand Slams he participated, Australia and Wimbledon. Roger, along with Nadal and Andy Murray skipped the Toronto masters to prepare better for the Olympics, and one can safely say he is eager to finally win it in singles.

In the 2012 Olympics, he lost in the Finals to Andy Murray.

Novak Djokovic Rio Olympics.

At the beginning of the year, Novak was all about Rio, stating his top priority for the year is to win Olympic gold. It is the only trophy missing in his rich “treasure house”. The good news for Novak is that he always rebounds after a loss. And one can expect exactly that after the Serbian lost in the third round at Wimbledon. Novak is the only one of the big four playing in Toronto before the Rio Olympics, and it can go both ways. Novak might be exhausted, or he might be in best shape. The Serbian hasn’t played in a while, resting completely and taking time out of tennis after Wimbledon. He has the best chance to defeat Andy.

Andy Murray Rio Olympics.

When you are the defending champion, you get the best chances for repeating. Fresh of a Wimbledon title, Murray is favorite to win again at Rio 2016, becoming the only player in tennis history to repeat as Olympic champion. If nothing less, Murray should reach the Finals, where he could play Novak again. So far this year, Murray lost to Novak in Australia, but beat the Serbian in Rome. He then played Novak again, in the Finals of the French Open, where he lost in four sets.