Michael Phelps who turned 31 last June was able to qualify for the US swimming team, becoming the oldest swimmer ever to have won at the swimming competitions and the first to accumulate four victories thereafter, including the 200-meter butterfly and the 100-meter medley. On July 2, 2016, he qualified to attend his 27th Olympic Games. He has the record of having won 16 victories in the US qualifying swimming competitions.

Qualified for the US swimming team.

Michael Phelps, who turned 31 on Thursday, June 2016, qualified exceptionally over three individual swimming distances for the US swimming team in Omaha, Nebraska.

he won in three swimming competitions; 200-meter butterfly in just 1:54.84 ahead of Tom Shields, who made it in 1:55.81; the 200-meter medley and the 100-meter butterfly which he won by 20/100s. Phelps´ victory in only 51:00 seconds is the second to best swimming performance of the year in the world.

At the age of 31, he is the oldest swimmer to win in the swimming competitions and the first to add four victories afterward. He has accumulated 16 victories in the US selection competitions, making him obtain a record for most victories in these pre-Olympic competitions. Phelps recognizes that his swimming times are average; however, he also thinks that he will have to work more to be able to win gold in Rio.

Phelps’ history.

He has become the first US swimmer to qualify for five consecutive Olympic Games. He started competing in the Us swimming team for the first time in Sydney 200 at the age of 15. He won his 18th gold medal in August 2012 in London after which he retired from sports. Rio will be the fifth Olympics in which he will be involved.

In total, he has won 22 medals, out of which 18 are gold. He has the record of winning 8 gold medals in a single edition of the games in Beijing.

Faster, higher, stronger

He states that he has a lot of work to do before competing in Rio; he also believes, he´s stronger than in the last competition in London 2012 and that he is prepared mentally and physically to give the most pout of him in Rio.

He stated that the Olympic games in Rio will be the last for him, faster to win and higher and stronger to increment the totality of medals won.

The game festivity will surely be a great sporting event to watch, not only for the outstanding swimming record holder but also for the many great athletes and competitions taking placeduring the summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.