Some adjustments to the programme

There are some variations that have been made to this edition of the Olympics, like on any other past edition of the Olympics. In this edition, there are also two sports that have been included again after having been absent of the Olympics for a long time.

In the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, 28 sports will be competing; from these, 42 disciplines and 396 medal events will be contested. This adds up to two extra sports and more events than in the previous edition of the games in London 2012. Two sports; Rugby and golf, will be returning to the Olympics, with two tournaments (men and women) for each of this sporting events.

The Olympic programme also includes other adjustments made to various sports, which have been approved by the IOC.

Rugby and Golf

Rugby, which was included in four of the first editions of the Olympics, but was excluded thereafter, has been selected to make a comeback in a seven player format. 12 teams divided into three pools of four will play the first round, passing to the next phase the top placed teams in each pool. The women´s final will take place on 8 August and the men´s final on 11 August.

This is going to be the first time golf is included in the games since 1904. The golf tournament will bring together the best golfers in the world. 120 players, men and women will try to complete the 18 hole course four times, attempting to conclude with as little strokes possible.

Men´s tournament will take place from 11-14 August and the women´s from the 17-20 august. Absent from the tournament is Marc Leishmanwho withdraws from the event due to Zika virus.

Fencing and Hockey

In fencing, there will be three individual events; epée, foil and sabre, for both men and women and two team events; men´s foil and epée, and women´s sabre and epée.

This is in conformation with the International Fencing Federation with a total of 10 events that include the three weapons.

Instead of two 35 minute halves, hockey will be divided into four quarters, each consisting of 15 minutes. After each goal, penalty or corner, a 40 second time out will be included.

Wresting and Modern Pentathlon

Two categories, Greco Roman and freestyle wrestling have been removed. In its place, two weight categories have been included in the women´s wrestling competition.

In the pentathlon event, fencing is split into two distinct sections; a pool ranking round with strikes and a Bonus Round, also called the elimination round. The Bonus Round will take place on 19 August for women and on the next day 20 for men.

Sailing and Shooting

In the sailing event, two keelboat series have been eliminated. In its place the 49er FX for women and the Nacra 17, which is a mixed event, with one man and one woman onboard, have been added. The sailing events comprise 10 competitions, distributed as follows; 5 men´s competitions; Laser, Finn, RS.X windsurfing, 470 and 49er.

Four competitions for women; Laser Radial, RS. X windsurfing, 470 and 49er FX. Plus one mix event, one man and one woman, Nacra 17.

In this edition of the Olympics, the participants in the shooting event start all over again. That is to say that the qualification scores are not counted, and the the rifle and pistol competitions will be held on the basis of elimination.