As British cinema audiences prepare to be enthralled by the new “Eddie The Eagle” sports dramedy – due in UK cinemas this week – Take That fans may also be intrigued by the welcome news that Gary Barlow is the man behind the Film’s soundtrack. Entitled “Fly”, the Eighties concept album provided Barlow with the perfect opportunity to collaborate with some of the decade’s leading musical stars.

Takes us back to Calgary Winter Olympics

Anticipation has been building ahead of the film that takes audiences back to Calgary in 1988, when a young British ski jumper became one of the main talking points of that year’s Winter Olympics.

In much the same manner as “Cool Runnings” tugged at the heartstrings as the bobsleigh minnows from Jamaica took their bow at the same Games, Edwards’ participation on the ski slopes was no less unexpected.

Strong cast adds to authenticity

Directed byLock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” actor Dexter Fletcher, the biopic features Kingsman’s Taron Egerton as Edwards and Hollywood superstar Hugh Jackman as the Olympian’s alcoholic trainer. The classy veteran actor Christopher Walken adds to the authenticity of the film. It has already proved to be a somewhat surprising success in America, with comparisons being made to the previous comedy hit “The Full Monty”.

Barlow’s dedication to project

Barlow has immersed himself in research for the soundtrack to provide the emotional boost behind the film’s images.

Rather than simply trawling through the archives to utilise tracks that typified the 80s Music around at the time of the Games, the talented songwriter went in search of the artists themselves. Names such as Kim Wilde, ABC and Paul Young were all scrutinised for their suitability for the project using a variety of techniques, including watching their performances on YouTube.

He sought to collaborate with some of his favourite bands and soloists of the decade on new tracks instead, capturing the distinctive sounds of the time in the process by using equipment from the era during recording.

New tracks by famed 80s artists

The artists involved responded with due diligence themselves, with many clearly taking the film’s subject to heart.

Nik Kershaw’s track “The Sky’s The Limit” and Howard Jones’Eagle Will Fly Again” have ready-made references to Edwards’ sporting prowess, while Holly Johnson (of Frankie Goes to Hollywood fame) exemplified the aspirations involved in the central theme of the story with “Ascension”.

The new film is expected to be on general release in UK cinemas on 1st April, with many no doubt wondering if it could provide a welcome boost for interest in winter sports as a result.