Petr Cech joined Arsenal three days ago. He decided to leave Chelsea to play in red and white shirt. The goalkeeper says that Arsenal can be a challenger for the Premier League title in the next campaign. He adds that Arsenal showed potential with back-to-back FA Cup final victories.

The goalie signed a four-year contract with Arsene Wenger's team. He decided to end an 11-year journey with Chelsea as he made a £11m move from one stadium in London to another. The speculations about Cech's move started when he was moved to the bench by José Mourinho.

Petr decided, that in his age, he can't be a secondary player for any team, so he chose Arsenal to be his next destination.

"I wanted to choose the best option for myself in a football way and Arsenal showed me they really wanted me to join. I spoke to Arsene Wenger and he presented me with a project I believe I want to be part of. Obviously it is a new challenge for me," Cech told SkySports.

Cech says that he had many propositions all around the world, be he really wanted to stay in London, so Arsenal was the best option for him. With this transfer Arsenal is now one of the biggest contenders for the Premier League title. Arsenal's fans are still waiting for another transfer. They need a back-up defensive midfielder and a world class striker.

What about José Mourinho? We know that he hates Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. He also mentioned he didn't want to lose Cech, but if Arsenal can make offers for his players, then he will try to hijack Gunners footballers. He also tried to contact Arsene Wenger about Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but Arsene Wenger said no for this transfer.

On the other hand, Arsenal's striker Lukas Podolski is in talks with Galatasaray. The German forward is currently on holiday in Turkey, but many reporters say that he is trying to bring himself to Turkey. Podolski spent three years in Arsenal. He joined the club from FC Koeln, his first team in a long football journey. Where will he be in the next season? We will know soon enough.