Newcastle United find themselves embroiled in yet another drama. These are not good times to be a Newcastle fan. But since the 1995/6 season, have there been any good days to be a Newcastle fan? Although relegation this season looks fairly unlikely, it could still happen. They are currently managed by a fan who seems to suffer anger management issues. They have an owner who shows the same level of contempt for fans as Douglas Hall and Freddie Shepherd did. And they have a team who would rather be anywhere than at St James' Park.

Say Newcastle do survive and spend next season in the top flight.

They'll receive money for TV rights, none of which will go into strengthening the squad. No doubt, most of the better players will have been shipped out in the summer transfer window only to be replaced by trainees who simply aren't up to the job. All the while, Mike Ashley gets richer and the fans get angrier.

But what would the alternative be? Should Newcastle go down, their income would be dramatically reduced. But given that Ashley doesn't seem to invest anything into the club anyway, he would be the only one to feel the pinch. In addition to that, Newcastle might actually win some matches if they were playing in the Championship. Surely that would be a welcome boost for the club's beleaguered supporters.

Furthermore, a season in the championship might actually give the players something to aim towards. They would be playing for promotion, rather than just treading water in the Premier League and playing to maintain a mid to low table spot in the top flight. And say John Carver finds himself still at the helm next season, what then? Given the man looks like he's won a competition to manage the club, even he too might find his level in the Championship.