The "Road to Wrestlemania" begins on January 25 asthe Royal Rumble PPV kicks off the WWE calendar. Every year, 30 superstarscompete in the main event and the one left in the ring wins the Rumble matchand earns a guaranteed shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship atWrestlemania a few months later.

There will no doubt be surprise entrants, returning facesand shock exits but I am going to focus on five wrestlers that have a goodchance of winning the Royal Rumble 2015.

5. Rusev

We first saw Rusev on the main roster at last year's RoyalRumble when he was the third entrant eliminated.

It was an impressive debut ashe displayed strength and agility and it took four superstars to throw him overthe top rope. Since then he has had a remarkable 2014, defeating severalestablished wrestlers and playing the controversial Russia v USA heel rolewell.

His success with Lana at his side seems set to continue ashe has currently not been pinned or submitted and is the United States Champion.The writers will surely build this character and provide bigger and bettermatches meaning his eventual defeat must be to one of the major superstars.This could even happen at Wrestlemania.

For now, Rusev is in the middle of a rivalry with Ryback.Whether the two have a title match at this PPV or not, they are both likely tobe involved in the Rumble itself.

If WWE do decide to end Rusev's own streak atWrestlemania, or even give him the title, then the Bulgarian is in with achance of winning the Rumble to set this up.

However, with Rusev currently holding the US title thisscenario is less likely and I expect patriotic rivalries with Ryback and otherhighly thought of faces to be the next step for him.

4. Randy Orton

Randy has been out of action since early November after SethRollins delivered a Curb Stomp onto the steel steps. In the real world, Ortonhas been filming Condemned 2. As filming usually takes 6-8 weeks, the Viper maybe ready to return as a surprise Royal Rumble entrant.

With The Authority back in power, Orton will direct hisanger towards the likes of Rollins, Kane, Big Show and Triple H (if the veterancompetes).

Whether he will be used as a weapon to eliminate some Authoritymembers or to actually win and fight Lesnar/Cena/Rollins at Wrestlemaniaremains to be seen, but Orton is an established superstar who is a favouritewith management so can't be ruled out.

3. Daniel Bryan

Another superstar set to make his return at the Royal Rumbleis Daniel Bryan, after announcing his injury comeback on Raw a couple of weeksago. This was a huge relief to the WWE Universe as we were unsure whether hewould wrestle again.

Winning the Royal Rumble would make an incredible comebackstory - something WWE historically loves. Bryan also has the pedigree andpopularity to headline Wrestlemania again, probably against Lesnar or Rollins.

When Bryan left in May, he was feuding with The Authority -in particular Triple H. Like Orton, "Goatface" may be simply used totake out their members, most likely Triple H if Sting doesn't make anotherreturn. The fact Bryan's comeback has already been announced suggests that hewon't be given the victory, probably the correct decision as it would be a blowto superstars who have carried the mantle in his absence.

2. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler had an outstanding end to 2014. This reachedits peak when he effectively single-handedly defeated Team Authority atSurvivor Series with a little help from Sting. Dolph has been a fans favouritefor some time thanks to numerous show-stealing matches and a great personality.Finally he seems to be getting the push he deserves from the powers-that-be.

Ziggler, along with Ryback and Erick Rowan, was 'fired' atthe end of the last Raw episode. But historically these sacking have neverlasted long and the superstars involved are far too important to the WWE forthings to be different this time. The "Show Off" will feature at thenext PPV, maybe in a rematch for the recently-lost IntercontinentalChampionship with Bad News Barrett but definitely in the Rumble itself.

The fact that the writers have taken the title off him freesup Ziggler to be in contention for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship andtherefore is a prime candidate to win the Rumble. It will please most fans whohave been waited for a long time to see one of the most gifted wrestlerscompete for the main prize.

1. Roman Reigns

Many people have speculated that this will be the year thatRoman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble and then the title at Wrestlemania 31. Afterbreaking Kane's records for the most eliminations at last year's contest, whocan blame them?

Reigns won the Slammy for the Superstar of 2014 and has thepublic backing, physique and personality to be a success. There is no doubt hewill be involved in a title match in the near future.

Since returning from a hernia operation a month ago, Reignshas been fighting with Big Show but this won't be a long term rivalry. Also,although he has had run-ins with The Authority in the past, the fact he missedSurvivor Series gives him enough distance that he need not be heavily involvedwith the inevitable feud that breaks out during the Rumble.

It frees him up forthe victory and the opportunity to headline Wrestlemania against Lesnar orRollins. This is why Reigns remains the favourite in my opinion.

Whoever wins, this is set up to be one of the mosthotly-anticipated PPVs in a long time. I just hope the WWE get it right - asoutlined above, they have many chances to.