The House of Commons is set to examine a British government white paper that determines its Brexit strategy on Thursday.

A huge number of amendments from Mps of all parties will also be discussed, as prime minister Theresa May looks to trigger Article 50.

The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill was overwhelmingly backed by a majority of 384 MPs at its second reading on Wednesday.

However, hundreds of amendments have already been lodged for debate and these white paper ambitions are likely to create more.

Party splits

Only one Conservative MP, Ken Clarke, voted against the bill on Wednesday but divisions in the party could come to light next week, as some Tory members are set to agree with efforts to secure rights of EU nationals already in Britain.

Mrs May will also have to deal with Labour amendments including a "meaningful" parliamentary vote on the final deal, to lock in single market access and to force ministers to report back to Parliament during the negotiation.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will initially have to turn his attention to replacing three shadow cabinet ministers, after a revolt in which 47 Labour MPs defied his orders to oppose the bill.