The UK Government is set to lay out its agenda for beginning the Brexit process this week after the Supreme Court decided that parliamentary approval was needed to trigger Article 50.

Prime Minister Theresa May is confident of Article 50 being invoked by the end of March in spite of the need for a bill to be passed by MPs and peers.

Ministers are aiming to set out their timescale on Thursday, with an accelerated passage through both houses of Parliament being earmarked.

Brexit Secretary David Davis said that the opening debate could come as soon as next week and he predicted it would be “the most straightforward bill possible”.

Downing Street was eager to point out that Parliament in fact backed the calls for last July's Brexit referendum by a margin of six to one and this legislation is expected to be passed.

However, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP have prepared possible amendments, including the requirement for the government to produce a policy document setting out its negotiating strategy.