Regardless of your age, there is evidence that being active will help you lead a better life. Doing exercise on regular basis may reduce the risk of suffering chronic problems such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, stroke or health diseases. Exercising has been shown to help in reducing emotional disturbance, psychological distress, anxiety and depression. If participation in the sport is gradually increased, the person gains both socio and economic benefits. Sport improves life of communities, individuals and the entire society. Studies have proved that people who work in the sports related industry gain more money than they should have got otherwise if they were not involved in sports activities.

Students who participate in sports have shown to have improved education, less drop outs, low absenteeism and more chances to progress to higher education. Young people who like sports are involved into the criminal activities at a low level. Sport improves the level of the endorphins in the system and this is the hormone related to happiness. People who like sports have improved self esteem and they succeed more since they are more confident. Regardless of gender, size, weight and age, people who start exercising start to feel more attractive.

The studies have shown that people who exercise help the brain to have new cells and this improves the overall performance of the brain. This also boosts ability of someone to acquire knowledge and to have a better memory.

Young people who like to exercise can control any kind of addiction because exercising helps in releasing the reward chemical in the plain and this increases the pleasure. People, who are already addicts, are advised to exercise since it distracts them from taking alcohol or drugs. People who need inspiration can increase their chances when they jog or walk.

The studies showed that workers who exercise regularly have more energy and they are more productive. People who exercise will inspire their peers especially if the exercise is performed in group. The people who work together encourage each other to go beyond their usual limits.