It is important to choose the right sport for you regardless if you want to exercise for health benefits, to be physically fit or to lose or maintain the weight. You have to choose the type of the sport that you will be able to do for a long period. If you want to achieve weight management, fitness or healthy: you have to be physically active for a long period.
It is easy to choose the right sport for you if you keep the following in mind: Start by choosing the exercises which you are able to enjoy. If you do not choose the program you like, you will end up being bored. If you like to go for a walk, you can use it to for your fitness and health benefits. If you do not like to go to a gym, you should bring the equipment you like home. You have to start new activities on regular basis so that you can be motivated and interested.
When you exercise by using one method every day, it can end up monotonous while it increases the risk of getting injury and it restricts the benefits that you should get from exercising. This is why you have to include different activities in your regular weekly exercise like sport, aerobics, cycling, jogging and walking. You can do alternative exercise everyday or work on different muscles so that you can reduce the cases of injury.
Experienced athletes train by using hard and easy principle. This is the system where they work with high intensity on a day followed by low intensity exercise. The principle may also be a good option for someone who has a low fitness level since it helps to avoid the injuries while at the same time letting the muscles to recover. You can also choose exercises which address the physical fitness, endurance, flexibility, aerobic fitness and muscular strength. However to achieve this, you will need to do different exercises such as stretching exercise, yoga, endurance, aerobic fitness, cycling, jogging and walking.

You should go for the exercises that are available or which do not need too much investment when it comes to equipment.