Boston born Tyler caught the acting [VIDEO] bug at the age of just seven years old, experimenting with making his own movies; but his other great passion and talent lay with sports and by 12 he was already a stand-out ice hockey player.

Although going on to spend four years as a popular pro Hockey goalie, Tyler was always drawn back to his love of Film and acting. In LA he studied at a wide range of specialist drama and acting institutions, learning specialist skills such as the Chekhov and Strasberg techniques. He also threw himself into the more dangerous area of stunt-acting, learning firearm techniques and mixed martial arts, not to mention Western-style horse riding and a period learning about work on a ranch.

Inspired by Johnny Depp, Gary Oldman and Viggo Mortensen, as an adult Tyler really became focused on his acting aspirations and subsequently starred in many significant film projects, such as “Alpha Wolf”, "Rootwood" and his upcoming film #Followme.

Acting beginnings

Sabina: Tyler, can you tell us about your acting beginnings?

Tyler: I started acting when I was around seven years old. My older cousins would make films every time we would all get together, which was pretty often. We would make original films or our own remakes of Hollywood films. We composed scores, had rolling credits, added in visual effects, make-up, rehearsed stunts; they weren’t your typical home movies. These started my love for acting.

Sabina: Where do you think is the best place to be as an actor and why?

Tyler: I think the best place to be as an actor is right here in Los Angeles. This is the film and TV capital for Hollywood films. Most big productions still cast out of LA, so I think it’s important to be here if you are serious about the craft.

Best projects to date

Sabina: What are your best projects to date?

Tyler: I just had a film released on Amazon last November, called “Alpha Wolf”, which is directed by Kevin Van Hook - who also created the popular comic book character/series Blood Shot: now a major motion picture starring Vin Diesel. The film stars Casper Van Dien, Jenny Wenger, Patrick Muldoon, Robert Mukes and James Preston Rogers.

I also have a few fun short films that just released on YouTube and which will be in festivals: Michael Coulombe’s “Stalk”; David Saucedo’s “Blueprint” and “Good Karma”.

Sabina: How did acting change your life?

Tyler: Acting has really helped me open up artistically and just feel free. It has given me the opportunity to be the artist I have always been on the inside and bring my childhood love into reality and as a profession. Honestly, when I get the chance to act and bring a character to life, I feel so excited and lucky. I have also met so many wonderful friends along the way.

Sabina: Do you have any interesting behind the scenes experiences?

Tyler: On my recent release “Alpha Wolf” I was so amazed by the dog actor, Titus, who played “Larry” in the film.

I have never seen a trained acting animal in the flesh, and it was so amazing. Titus would hit his mark over and over, simulate attacks, growling on command and after the take, wait patiently with a smile for his next task. I love animals so much and seeing how this dog loved his work and was so smart, and kind was just amazing.

Acting technique

Sabina: Can you tell us more about your acting technique?

Tyler: The technique that I have fallen in love with is that of Michael Chekhov. I have been studying with my LA-based coach Nikolai Guzov for years now, and that is what he has taught me. For someone that has a very vivid imagination, this technique helps me so much. Nikolai has really helped me dig deeper as an actor and really allow me to grow as an artist.

Sabina: Do you have any interesting film or TV projects coming up?

Tyler: I have a few projects coming up actually. The films are Marcel Walz’s “Rootwood” and Sam Hardy’s “#Followme”, both of which will be coming out soon. Marcel Walz’s feature film “Rootwood” is a supernatural thriller about some young pod-casters/documentary film-makers that investigate a dark supernatural legend. Sam Hardy’s “#Followme” is a thriller that is focused on a group of young female YouTubers that have a travel/lifestyle vlog and the horrors that can come with social media.

Sabina: What kind of films and TV shows would you like to work on in the future?

Tyler: “Game of Thrones”, “Animal Kingdom”, “Altered Carbon”, “Ozark”, “West World”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Frontier”, “The Mayans”, “Peaky Blinders”, “Taboo”.

All these shows would be absolutely awesome to work on, from the writing, the worlds they are in, the characters and the tone of the shows. Also working with the incredible casts that each of these shows provides would be a dream to collaborate with.