Prince Harry and Meghan have completed another stop in their hectic Royal tour of Australia, having attended the opening of the Invictus Games in Sydney. Held at the Sydney Opera House, the official launch of the Games saw Prince Harry make a short speech. He told the crowd how pleased he was to be able to bring his new wife along for the occasion, as well as to celebrate this year's Games alongside the news of the couple expecting their first child together.

Prince Harry's long history with the Invictus Games

Prince Harry has long been a passionate advocate and supporter of the Invictus Games which is a sporting occasion specifically for injured military veterans to compete in.

Having served in the British army himself, the Duke of Sussex views the transition from active service to civilian life to be an important issue which ex-military personnel need to be supported through in every area of their lives.

The Duke has also stated on multiple occasions how inspiring he views veterans to be due to their determination in the face of adversity, especially when having to cope with mental or physical ramifications from their service.

The Games feature competitors from 18 countries who participate in 13 sports over eight days. Prince Harry first came up with the idea for this event in 2014 when he held the inaugural Invictus Games in London before progressing to holding them in Florida in 2016, then Toronto last year.

The main goal of the games is to be a helpful tool in the veterans' process of rehabilitation, whether that be physical or psychological.

A special occasion for the Royal couple

Another reason why the Invictus Games holds such a special place in the hearts of the Duke and Duchess is that their first official appearance together was at last year's event in Toronto.

This first engagement for them as a couple saw them watch multiple sporting events and engage with competitors who spanned the 18 nations involved. Seeing as both of them have a particular interest in social welfare work, across a wide variety of areas, the Games are a matter which inevitably piques their engagement.

At the opening ceremony (which was delayed for an hour due to thunderstorms) Prince Harry stated how "proud" he was to be able to attend the Games alongside his wife whom he wedded in the springtime at St George's Chapel, Windsor.

Also, he remarked about his joy in being able to share the news that he is expecting his first child with Meghan, with the due date being at some point during the spring of 2019.

To cap off his address, the Duke told everyone in attendance to get "inspired" by the incredible feats of human endurance and dedication they would see during the occasion and to take the energy of Invictus into their own lives.