After all this time, Steven's mum was hiding in plain sight by the name of Pink Diamond. Prior to them unveiling their latest trailer, it was already injected into the minds of the fans that the gems will again join together. However, that is not the case; the short video clip shows that the gems are in the middle of a rift. As the show progressed, we found that there are still a lot of secrets that the gems and Steven need to uncover. Apparently, Sapphire wasn’t kept in the loop and that is the very reason why she got angry and decided to leave the house.

Pink Diamond’s identity

Steven already had an inkling, but wasn’t sure the first time - not until he was able to access or go through Pearl’s deep memories. All alone, he thought that his mother, Rose Quartz, shattered Pink Diamond. However, he was shocked when he was able to finally connect the dots that his mother and Pink Diamond is the same entity. Sapphire had enough of it and burst out her frustrations towards Ruby. The “Heart of the Crystal Gems” arc will be focused on the Ruby and Sapphire. Since they split up, Steven needs to convince both gems to settle their differences and form Garnet through fusion.

Sapphire and Ruby

There have been times that both gems seem to not get along, but this might be their biggest feud yet.

Steven understands that for him to maintain the balance among gems, he should try to talk to Sapphire first. Between the two, Sapphire is more reluctant and harder to deal with compared to Ruby. However, some fans believe that Ruby is more of a headache than Sapphire. Nevertheless, this won’t be easy for Steven and he will need all the help he will get from Pearl - or even Peridot.

The continuation of season 5 will resume on July 2nd with the same TV schedule. As for fans in other countries such as Australia, Singapore, and Canada, they should check their local TV listings. Also, Rebecca Sugar, creator of ‘Steven Universe, is adamant about her belief in involving aspects of the LGBTQ+ community on the show.

This is not the first time that she's openly talked about it and certainly won’t be the last. Growing up, it was hard for her to understand what she was going through and her idea on the show of just “being yourself” is a testament to her advocacy about equality - something a lot of people are still seeking.

The grandiose and colourful outfit of the gems is a clear symbol of the LGBTQ+ community which was questioned when it was initially introduced to the public. Despite that, it is now safe to say that Rebecca Sugar's initially risky project has succeeded and has become one of the biggest animated shows in history.