Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network are again about to break the web when they announced that a special is due this May 7. Finally, after months of speculation, we are about to see their masterpiece. It was already stated before that the special will contain a variety of plots which will lead to some answers that fans have been waiting for since the last episode was aired.

Okay, prior to discussing the two-part special, it is a must for us to go back to last season and dissect some of the episodes where the majority of fans felt they were left hanging.

If there’s an episode that still bothers the fans it is when Lapis Lazuli “vanished” without any trace. The decision (which leaves Steven and Peridot shocked) was unpopular but Lapis had to do it. Her biggest fear is the danger she has to face if she stays on earth.

Comeback is real

Lapis Lazuli returning will surely create some subplots which led us to Steven. We are certain that Steven is going to return to the moon and will try to sort some things related to the previous episodes. What’s with Pink Diamond? Why did his mom act that way towards her? Is Pink Diamond a threat, knowing that she is a member of the Great Diamond Authority? These questions will all be answered once Steven steps back onto the moon.

How about Escapism? Is it related to the two-part special? Well, during the New York Comic-Con, nobody expected Rebecca Sugar to release a song about a certain character. It did provide some concept of who she is referring to. Here are some of the lines in that 1-minute song. “I guess, I’ll have to face, that in this awful place”, “I shouldn’t show a trace of doubt”.

This sparks the theory of Lapis being the main topic is absolutely true.

Concerns surrounding the show

However, there’s some concern that is happening in the Steven Universe community as of late. They don't seem to remember what Cartoon Network or even Rebecca Sugar did with the last few episodes. They think that those episodes were rushed and it might happen again in the two-part special.

It is fully documented that last season, there were some issues with the creative team in trying to jive delicate topics with so little time. Considering the timeline or hiatus that Steven Universe is in, it is safe to say that this show will be a lot different.

Top of the food chain

Cartoon Network is definitely putting their ducks in a row to support their flagship show. In recent reviews, there are only two American animated series that has been constant when it comes to sales and revenue. Steven Universe is one of them and the controversial Rick and Morty is the other. The debate is still on which is the best series, but again, they have different platforms and storyline. Steven Universe is for kids and kids at heart, while Rick and Morty are for adults and savage fans.