“Teen Wolf” Dylan O’ Brien has been a part f the cast from the very beginning. but it seems like the series’ original star won’t be part of the last 10 episodes. Speculations revealed that Stiles Stilinski will have some minor cameos in "Teen Wolf" Season 6B but his role won’t be as relevant as usual.

Dylan O’ Brien’s cameo on Season 6B

It should be recalled that during “Teen Wolf” Season 6, creators were able to manage Dylan O’ Brien’s unforeseen hiatus, which still made Stiles an essential character in the series despite his consistent absence.

This followed the incident when the Maze Runner actor met with an accident while filming “The Death Cure”.

In one of the episodes for the show’s mid-season finale, it was confirmed that Dylan’s character would be going to George Washington University, and he would leave some of his friends behind in Beacon Hills. In an interview with Linden Ashby, the actor portraying the role of Sheriff Stilinski confirmed that Stiles would be focused with the pre-FBI program and that he would not prioritize travelling back home. However, he later admitted that his communication with his son would continue despite their distance apart.

Scott McCall faces battle alone

Fans are assuming that Dylan’s minor appearances in the show will include some phone conversations with his father or through the framed photograph that was teased by the series’ production team.

It is expected that Scott McCall will have to defeat some of their major enemies alone as he lost his best friend in “Teen Wolf” Season 6B.

Who’s going to die in the 'Teen Wolf' finale?

'Screen Rant confirmed that multiple deaths will happen in the remaining episodes of “Teen Wolf” Season 6B. TV LIne spoke to Ashby at the Saturn Awards and said that fans should prepare for darker things ahead as the series wraps up its six-year run on the small screen.

It was pointed out that the last 10 episodes of the show will feature a new villain that is not easy to defeat.

Now that Lydia, Scott, and Stiles are off on different journeys, it is expected that the remaining episodes of the series would greatly focus on the consequences of living their lives separately. Reports hinted that the villain will be powerful enough to kill some of the major characters of the show. However, experts suggest that it would be best to take this news lightly as nothing yet been confirmed yet by its creators.

The official release date for the show's sequel is still uncertain.