A story has come out in the New York Times from the set of “Kill Bill,” over ten years ago, where the film’s star Uma Thurman claimed that the director Quentin Tarantino forced her to do a car stunt that she didn’t want to do, lied to her about the safety of the car, and ended up getting her seriously injured, for which she had video evidence to back up her story. She was also the subject of sexual abuse by Harvey Weinstein, to which Tarantino was complicit, and the director choked her and spat on her during the making of the film.

Asia Argento says claims are ‘no f**king joke’

Now, Hollywood stars are reacting to the Tarantino story, and it’s not positive, to say the least. Asia Argento, one of the actresses who alleges that Weinstein raped her, simply tweeted, “F**K TARANTINO FOREVER,” followed by a lengthy post about how Weinstein and Tarantino make quite a duo: “A serial rapist and a near murderer.” She described what happened to Thurman as “no f**king joke,” since they “put her life, her dignity, her sanity in danger,” and they can “burn in Hell.”

Jessica Chastain noted how she was picturing the spitting and the choking and asked, “When did [glorifying abuse against women] become normalized ‘entertainment’?” Meanwhile, film director Judd Apatow mentioned how Tarantino had previously ignored claims of abuse by Weinstein told to him by actresses like Daryl Hannah – instead of investigating the claims and doing something about it, he allegedly “kicked her off the press tour.” Apatow also mentioned Tarantino’s new movie, which involves charged rapist Roman Polanski (who Tarantino defends) and asked, “Why is someone financing this?”