During 2017, the music industry as always was signalled by new artists, new styles of music and of course, new songs that made a big hit all over the world. One such big music hit that made everyone crazy in almost every country, was Latin song Despacito from Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. However, there are some artists whose fans are following them every step of the way, either in concert or on a promo tour during the summer. In this article, we will see who were the female singers that with their work, managed to make the difference and of course become richer during 2017, according to the famous international magazine Forbes.

Jennifer Lopez

The Latin star Jennifer Lopez, or J Lo to her fans, round out the top five with 38 million dollars also boosted by a standing Sin City gig, as well as new tv show World of Dance, where she serves as both judge and producer.

Celine Dion

The French singer Celine Dion is an all-time classic diva, with a charismatic voice. Celine ranks fourth with 42 million dollars. She took a break from her performances in Las Vegas after the death of her husband, Rene Angelil, on January of 2016.

Taylor Swift

The youngest artist of the top five Taylor Swift ranks third with 44 million dollars. With the release of her new album Reputation which was the best selling album for 2017, it seems that her earnings total rose significantly in this year`s accounting.


The 29 years-old singer Adele, ranks second in the list with earnings of 69 million dollars. As the multiplatinum singer-songwriter, Skylar Grey said in an interview, "Adele`s music appeals to listeners of all ages with her undeniably powerful, emotional vocal interpretations paired with timeless songwriting and production".


At the top of the list, we meet the 'queen' of RnB music, or better the 'Queen Bey' as she is called. She is very successful and popular all over the world with her latest album Lemonade which was a hit with both critics-fans and also the Formation World Tour, accumulated in huge earnings of 105 million dollars for 2017.

According to Forbes, Beyonce is the highest paid female singer of the year. The earnings of the famous RnB star strengthened also by the new fashion collection with the name 'Ivy Park' that Beyonce has created, and of course from Beyonce`s other business activities. A special mention goes out to Beyonce for her Instagram account where she is not following everyone even if she has 109 million followers of her own!