The last episode of Dragon Ball Super might be one of their best in recent years. Legions of fans were caught off guard especially when TOEI Animation decided to provide Vegeta with the spotlight he needed.

Vegeta's new form

Few minutes after the latest episode was aired, the internet community went hysterical. There were a few plots that made fans act crazy. First is the new form of the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta. There’s no name given yet to the new form of Vegeta but it looks stronger than Goku. Famous YouTubers and Dragon Ball Super experts have numerous name for it.

However, Super Saiyan Blue 2 is what stands out. This is the final form of Vegeta in the Tournament of Power arc, as he stated himself, this is all that he got.

Goku, who has been fighting Jiren, outsmarted the Pride Trooper member. It is no secret that Goku cannot overpower Jiren. In one of the scenes in episode 123, it seems like fighting the strongest fighter in the tournament of power is at a loss cost. Apparently, Goku had a plan which is to plant some 'energy bombs' around Jiren. Goku momentarily knocked Jiren out of the arena but Jiren casually jumped back in like nothing happened.

Jiren powers up

Goku and Vegeta showed their full power during the last scene of the latest episode. Now, it is Jiren’s turn to show everybody why he is the strongest warrior in the universe.

Remember when Jiren punched Goku with so much force that it destroyed one of the rock formations? Well, Goku noticed it as well, that’s why he was absolutely stunned by Jiren’s capability. It’s not yet clear if Jiren is even using 50% of his ungodly power. One thing is for sure, Jiren will show it in the coming episodes and Universe 11 should be ready.

Whis have stated in the past that if Goku and Vegeta will work together, they will be a force to reckon with. Unfortunately, Jiren has another plan and doesn’t want to cooperate with Universe 11. His main goal is to win the tournament and obtain the super dragon balls. Although TOEI Animation hasn’t really provided any information on Jiren’s plan, there are speculations that it might be against the Grand Priest, Daishinkan.

The next God of Destruction

Toppo is the next God of Destruction. It was revealed long before the tournament of power started. There are questions if he really deserved the title as he was once pushed to the limit by Goku. The leader of the pride trooper was seen busy fighting against Gohan and Android 18. Little do they know that Toppo has had enough already being belittled by numerous warriors. It is inevitable that he might eliminate another fighter from Universe 11. It might be Gohan or it might be both.