Some fans out there may not have noticed it as they were preoccupied with the fight between Vegeta and Jiren. However, Frieza just laid out a bargain to Dyspo prior to him getting his dragged by the Pride Trooper member.

Deal with the Emperor

A quick recap is a must for us to understand the gravity of the discussion between Dyspo and Frieza. If you followed the Tournament of Power, this is not the first time that Frieza offered somebody from another Universe about a certain deal. Basically, Frieza is trying to stay alive just to be revived fully.

It is very hard to grasp that one of the biggest and baddest villains in the series is being toyed by Dyspo.

No offence to the pride trooper member as he is now considered part of the big 3 for Universe 11. However, Frieza is on another level. He might be fighting for Universe 7 but true fans of the series know that Frieza is fighting for himself. Legions of fans are debating on how weak Frieza is during the last episode but it is actually part of his plan.

Frieza is a cerebral assassin, to say the least. Remember when he lent Goku some energy because Goku was spent fighting Jiren? Well, Frieza is again saving some energy before he unleashes his gold form. The unlikely member of Universe 7 fighter knows that Dyspo is not the biggest threat to him being eliminated.

He just understands the situation that is why he made the proposal to Dyspo.

The Forgotten Warrior

Apart from Frieza’s plan, Gohan will be largely involved in the next episode. To this day, fans are tired already of TOEI Animation for not giving him the spotlight that he deserves. Goku and Vegeta already surpassed numerous forms but for Gohan, still the same classic form.

The title of the episode is very intriguing as it states “Gohan’s Final Stand”.

There are theories among fans that Gohan might create a mistake that will wipe him out of the tournament. Numerous web magazines and YouTube channels also state that he might be eliminated earlier than expected. Akira Toriyama is also tight-lipped about Gohan's role in the tournament.

The last time fans saw Gohan as a legit warrior is way back in Cell games. It's melancholy to see that one of the main characters in the series play as a background player only.

There's still a lot of time in the Tournament of Power and it is a guarantee that a lot of surprises will unfold. Frieza and Gohan will spearhead Episode 124 but fans are still in awe of Jiren's ungodly power.