Rumour has it that Kylie Jenner is pregnant and that sparked a lot of media and public speculation but even so, Kylie refused to confirm or even deny the reports. Both on her own #Instagram and brand's feed, all that she showcased was her new cosmetic product, nothing more, not even the slightest signs or hints showing she is pregnant.

Sharing one photo via the picture sharing app, Instagram, her picture revealed barely half of her face, with a few wisps of hair across her cheeks. She seems to be doing a great job keeping her body concealed, at least for now.

Some of her fans continued to speculate on her current condition, predicting that she may indeed be pregnant with twins stating that although she may hide her belly, which would be a perfect signal of pregnancy, she can't hide her face which is one of the things they say would make the pregnancy speculation rather true.

More Speculations

One of her fans suggested her images showed a change in her face, which confirms she is indeed pregnant. Changes, more especially facial changes appear clear obvious signs she is pregnant but interestingly, most of her fans don't seem concerned about whether she is pregnant or not, but her likeness to her older sister #Kim Kardashian-West is an interesting fact to fans - they feel the two alike.

A few others question the authenticity of Kylie's Instagram photos, considering the possibility that the photos appearing could be Kim's photos instead of her, they wondered if whether that could be Kylie or Kim, they couldn't tell the difference between her and her sister.

Important to note is that on the photo, Kylie was also promoting her cosmetics range, and personally, I don't think it was important for her to show her whole body while promoting cosmetics, ideally, that photo was okay at least concerning promoting a product.

Well, her fans really didn't like the fact that her body wasn't revealed to their satisfaction.

Hidden Hills, a California residence, previously used Kylie's curves to sell make-up; she has also previously done lingerie and swimwear shoots just to sell lipstick. Her holiday cosmetics go on sale soon and the items will be sold in the select top of the range stores.

Is She Really Expecting?

Social media is already abuzz with this and in the midst of all this, E! beauty has been dropping links of its own that indeed Kylie is Expecting a child. The 20-year-old reality star is promoting cosmetics lines this season and in new ads, she has seen in close up shots but most likely because she is reportedly five months pregnant.

For how long will Kylie keep her pregnancy under wraps? That remains to be seen because it is obvious she is not yet about to rescue her fans from speculations and social media rumours.