In the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein's numerous sexual harassment allegations, the Weinstein Company's reputation and position in Hollywood has dissipated and it is no longer the titan it was before. Furthering this, it has caused numerous actors/actress and directors, now including Quentin Tarantino to no longer work with the company. Some even refuse to cash any more cheques from the Weinstein company and instead donate the residuals to charity - which is what Ben Affleck has done.

Sony nabs Tarantino's next picture

Reportedly Sony Pictures Entertainment made a big presentation to Tarantino on November 8th and had to wait a week wondering if they had nabbed the rights to produce the picture.

It has now been revealed that they indeed have beat out the other companies Tarantino was shopping the film at, such as Warner Brothers and Paramount. It is certainly a big win for Sony as Tarantino's films are very sought after as he is a very bankable and reliable filmmaker, often bringing in big-ticket sales.

Sony themselves had the rights to distribute foreign one of Tarantino's last films - Django Unchained (2012) and supposedly Tarantino was very impressed with Sony's marketing strategies, likely helping them land this position.Despite this Tarantino did only make the deal with Sony supposedly if they adhered to his demands for full creative control and a reportedly $100 million budget.

Tarantino was intending to go to longtime collaborator The Weinstein company with this project but after recent events, he chose to stay away. This could also be down to Tarantino himself coming out and saying he "knew" about the goings on of Harvey Weinstein, not fully but "he had a good idea"

The Manson Movie

Over the years Quentin Tarantino has proved himself a genius filmmaker, he has also dabbled in numerous genres but never a horror film.

In recent years he came out as to having an interest in finally trying his hand at horror, many fans presumably think this upcoming Manson movie will be it. The fact that the movie is supposed to be set around the Manson murders and Charles Manson, strongly suggests that this, in fact, could be said horror movie. There is a lot of history and trauma around the Manson murders so I strongly suggest that if you wish to know a little more about the upcoming Tarantino flick, you check out the video below.

Not much is known about Quentin Tarantino's upcoming picture outside of it being set in 1969 set around the same time as the Manson murders, but much of this is rumours and speculation. There are no confirmed casting or plot details, possible lead rumours are currently Tom Cruise and Margot Robbie.