Just another day in Hollywood. Up until a month ago the news emitting from Tinsel Town would be regarding the latest blockbuster release. Now it seems the only stories that are being released are those relating to a sordid past, of skeletons emerging from the closet behind all the makeup and costumes. The latest star to have the spotlight cast upon him for all the wrong reasons is Star Trek legend George Takei. According to the New York Daily News, Takei is being accused of inviting a former model and actor Scott Brunton to his Los Angeles condo in 1981, where the ex-model claims he awoke to find George Takei grabbing his crotch.

Accusation and denial

George Takei has vehemently denied the claims which are being made against him. Recently, George Takei came out in support of Anthony Rapp, who both appeared in Star Trek. The former child actor who made claims against A-List star Kevin Spacey is just one of a long list of accusers to come forward in recent weeks, levelling claims at celebrities of their inappropriate behaviour. Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey and Charlie Sheen are the latest big names to have had accusations levelled towards them in what seems to be fast becoming a purge of the entertainment industry.

On Thursday, comedian Louis CK became just another name being added to the list of disgraced celebrities. After claims were made in the New York Times about Louis CK's sexual misconduct towards women, the comedian came forward and admitted to the claims.

On Friday his upcoming film "I Love You, Daddy" had been cancelled by it's distributor and Netflix have cancelled plans to make a stand up special starring Louis CK.

Innocent until proven guilty

From Showbiz to Politics, this daily routine of accusation and denial shows no signs of reaching it's conclusion anytime soon. In America, Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore has faced his own accusations of sexual misconduct relating to an allegation that was made by a woman who was 14 at the time, a charge which is being strongly denied by Moore, who until recently was the favourite to win the Senate in Alabama.

In the United Kingdom our own politics has been dogged with accusation and denial, an almost routine occurrence of the stories of the accusers being rebuffed by the denial's of the accused.

All of these people being accused are still innocent until proven guilty, that is something we are going to have to keep in mind as the allegations continue to be revealed with an almost depressing regularity, and we should remain cautious of developing a trial by public type situation, a kangaroo court if you will, erected by the masses.

But if these allegations turn out to be true against all these stars and politicians, one piece of legislation will need to be passed in order to deal with this. A law will have to be passed to build a new prison to house all these people because this list is growing longer by the day.