Ex-Hollyoaks favourite Stephanie Davis has been in and out of the public limelight for the past few years and not always for the best of reasons.

Since her stint in the 17th season of the UK Big Brother House in 2016 where she finished as runner-up, she has struggled to get the backing she needed from the UK public. This is mainly down to how she appeared to condone her actions on national TV and her behaviour while in the house - in particular, her relationship with fellow houseguest Jeremy McConnell.

The struggle is real

Her apparent lack of compassion towards her then boyfriend Sam Reece when she was in Big Brother, sent shockwaves across the UK with many people instantly taking a dislike towards the actress for her on-screen fling with Jeremy.

Viewers referred to her as; 'a snake,' 'sly,' and 'unfaithful' - and they're the more polite phrases used.

Despite the apparent lack of fans after her BB actions, she still managed to keep her spot in the house until the very end and somehow finished the seventeenth season in second place just behind winner Geordie Shore star Scotty T.

Since her time on the show she has only appeared in UK newspapers and magazines in a somewhat negative light - always centered around her feuding relationship with on-off boyfriend Jeremy McConnell - going into great details over the physical abuse scandal involving the two of them and paternity tests surrounding her pregnancy - with numerous people claiming she was faking it.

Where is she now?

She has currently been out of any magazines for a while, which is pretty unusual for Steph - there's usually at least one story floating around about her.

Even on the likes of social media, she has been relatively quiet, not posting anything on Instagram for over a week now with the last post been around her son 'Caben-Albi's' first Christmas.

But is there a reason behind why she's been so quiet?

Comeback queen?

It has just been announced that she has recently been in talks to front a show about domestic violence (this is following her recent split with McConnell.) This news is coming after a hard few months for the couple after their bitter breakup.

She announced on Twitter earlier in the week to her fans that she is soon to start working on a new project and can't wait to get back doing what she loves.

The star was axed from her role on Hollyoaks in July 2015 after being classed as 'unfit for work' due to her alcohol habits.

It is currently still unclear what her new work will revolve around, but many people seem to be excited to see the actress returning to the screens after her long break.