On Saturday, Cornell Haynes Jr. who is better known as rapper Nelly was arrested by the Police in Washington state, after a woman accused him of raping her. Nelly was taken into custody and taken to jail in Des Moines. He was released after a few hours and the police so far have not pressed any charges. This has brought the name of the Rapper into the limelight negatively, according to CNN.

Alleged rape

Rapper Nelly has denied all allegations against him. It is understood that he was booked for second-degree rape but was given his freedom back after a few hours.

His lawyer, Scott Rosenblum, has confirmed this news. He went on to add that the allegations of rape were probably motivated by greed and vindictiveness.

As reported by CNN a woman called 911 at 3:48 AM. She alleged that she had been assaulted inside Kelly's tour bus. The police reacted to the phone call and quickly reached the scene of the purported crime. A preliminary investigation was made by the patrol officers and they arrested the rapper. This arrest was probably a matter of caution so that the police could investigate the case. Further details of the woman have not been published.

Claims innocence

Nelly who is 42 years old has tweeted his innocence and has assured his fans that he is a victim of a false allegation.

He said that he will pursue all legal options available to him to clear his name.

The incident had its repercussions and Nelly, who was to perform in a concert in Ridgefield, Washington decided to give it a miss. He told CNN that though he had missed the concert at Ridgefield he would perform on his next show, which is scheduled to be held on October 12, at Jacksonville, Florida.


Nelly has been around in show business for close to two decades. He was noticed by the masses when his track “Country Grammar” was appreciated all over America nearly 20 years back. The singer has won three Grammys and his name has appeared regularly on the Billboard 200 charts. Nelly has had previous brushes with the law.

In 2015 he had pleaded guilty to an act of misdemeanor for possessing Marijuana and a drug paraphernalia. He was sentenced to one-year probation. The misdemeanor charges were cleared from his record after 11 months after he entered a diversion program.There are also allegations that that in 2016, the rapper owed $ 2.4 million to IRS for unpaid taxes.

The police are investigating the incident and we do not know what will happen. There has been no charge of rape against the rapper before.