Yaron Shavit is an actor and YouTuber who's been getting a bit of attention lately. His Youtube Channel, called "Shavinism," is mostly a way of doing comedy and showing off characters. In one of his videos, Yaron played a character of the Queen, while in bed, watching Netflix's TV series "The Crown." I spoke with Yaron about the channel and he also told me about his acting appearances and other interesting projects.

Turning hobby into a profession

Sabina: Yaron, can you tell us about your acting beginnings?

Yaron: I first auditioned for an evening course twice a week in Israel.

At this stage, I still thought of it as a hobby, more than a profession, but I fell in love with acting. When the course ended I decided to audition for acting schools and I got into Nissan Nativ (the best acting school in Israel). I later moved to the U.K. to do a post-grad and was very happy when I found out I was accepted to the world renowned Bristol OldVic.

Sabina: How did acting change your life?

Yaron: Acting has made me a much more confident person. I was quite shy growing up and acting, specifically stage acting, has given me an outlet to express myself. I always felt I had something to say, but never felt I had the platform to say it. From my early days of acting school, I felt like I finally found my platform – a place where I had a voice.

Sabina: What are your best projects to date?

Yaron: In theatre: Playing Joel in the play "NINEVEH" at Riverside Studios. In TV: Being a recurring actor in "The honorable woman." The show went to win many awards, including a Golden Globe and four Emmy nominations. I am also really looking forward to "McMafia," which should be coming out early 2018.

'Shavinism' begins

Sabina: Can you tell us a little bit more about your Youtube channel "Shavinism"?

Yaron: Shavinism is a comedy and character channel. There are five recurring characters (Javier- the worst Latino Lover, The Queen, Sir Hatesalot, Jeremy the dating instructor and Herschel - the Jewish American geek). I've recently started also doing discussion videos and they are well received.

Sabina: Why do you think your most viewed YouTube video is about the queen?

Yaron: I think people really like the character of the Queen and it also deals with her watching 'The Crown" (Netflix series), which is very popular. It is one of my favorite videos, so I'm happy it did well.

Big projects in the future

Sabina: Do you have any interesting Film or TV projects coming up?

Yaron: There is a film called "Entebbe," starring Rosamund Pike and directed by José Padilha (director of "Narcos") which is coming out. It's a great story about an Air France plane that was hijacked with many Israelis on board and re-routed to Uganda. The Israeli army infiltrated Uganda and rescued the hostages. It's based on a great true story.

I'm also very much looking forward to "McMafia" (specified earlier) which is an AMC/BBC co-production starring James Norton and coming out next year. It's based on a best seller and it was an amazing project to be a part of with well-known actors from around the world. The crew and cast are the best you can find! As for me, I plan on to keep making videos. I just finished filming the Queen singing I dreamed a dream and answering questions of the loyal fans of "Shavinism."

You can take a look at Yaron's latest video below.