There is no doubt that Rick and Morty is one of the most sought-after TV series to date. Other than its great characters, fans are hooked up with the show’s outstanding and brilliant storyline. And with that, viewers couldn’t wait to see its third instalment on the small screen. Just recently, the release date and the official trailer for “Rick and Morty” Season 3 were revealed online.

What caused the delay of "Rick and Morty"?

Last April 1, Adult Swim surprisingly released the first episode of “Rick and Morty” Season 3. The said revelation began to justify all the rumours admitting that the series would be having another season.

However, the rest of the episodes for the sequel kept fans waiting up until today. Some speculated that the show might be cancelled due to feud and misunderstandings of its production team. But, the showrunners easily debunked the news through their official Twitter account and even apologised for the series’ unforeseen delay. The creators explained that they would want to give the best of Rick and Morty, which is why they put everything on hold.

And it seems like they are all set this month as Adult Swim released a sneak peek for “Rick and Morty” Season 3 last June 29. The said trailer produced previews of great adventures of the family, which is speculated to be darker than the usual. Also, the sneak peeks revealed that the remaining episodes of the third instalment would be launched starting July 30, a 2-year gap from the actual premiere of the show’s second season.

Summer turns dark this season

The trailer brought great excitement to the views as unforgettable scenes from the surprise first episode of the third instalment were included. Not just that, clips showing the wilder side of Rick and Morty’s adventures make it more interesting. Also, fans should watch out Summer’s transformation as she became dark and heartless this season.

It was told that some of the scenes would be adapted from “Mad Max: Fury Road” as Rick and Summer would try to run away from something dangerous. Other than that, Beth is also set to join the journey as she helps out Morty in putting back things to normal.

Morty joins the Vindicators

Meanwhile, Inquisitr reported that Morty would likely form part of the Vindicators this season.

Recent reports suggest that the pool of heroes would be amazed of the character’s talent, which would yield to his recruitment. However, experts recommended that it would be best for viewers to take this news lightly as nothing has ever been confirmed yet by the show’s creators.