In the history of the Saiyans, every 1000 years has to appear one that changes the whole history in any dimension of the planet Earth and the 12 Universes. It is known as a "Legendary Saiyan", its violent ending the creatures make it different from the rest ; Bardock is the father of Goku, who has been lost in the planet Plant, in which they inhabit creatures that help him like an emperor and thus was able to end with the clique of Chillet, whom many know in the unique true Ova of the origin of the father of "Kakaroto."

Golden Saiyan is the strongest?

According to interviews made long ago, its creator Akira Toriyama repeatedly made it clear that the phase of the Golden Super Saiyan is very different from phase 2, since in this state he needs very arduous training with gravity and the most specialised machines to maintain the energies that increase in great magnitude.

For that reason they need to increase their anger so their it makes them multiply five times the state of an "Ordinary Saiyans". In short, Goku in the saga of DRAGON BALL Z, with great hatred towards the villains, increased its power and that is how it was insurmountable.

So far in the "Dragon Ball Super" series, everything seems to be different, a Saiyajin can reach Phase 2 of the Saiyajins, putting his energies on his back and this is how he manages to intensify these energies and make a new power in his hands. These events happened in chapter 92, in which Caulifla came very fast to phase 2 - without training and not using anger as it happens in the history of a Saiyajin Ordinary phase 2.

Is your personality very different?

Of course it is usually different since in the blue God phase, you can see Goku without rage and with a high level of fighting and very surprising skills, which makes him for the first time be a little faster and not so confident.

The coat of a Golden Saiyan is the same yellow colour but with an intensity of brightness, which causes a great admiration in his opponent.

In this phase you can see that his tail always remains Golden or Yellow, the colour of his eyes depends on the design of the Anime and manga.

A Golden Saiyan can be filled with anger and kill his opponent in seconds, as when his anger explodes no one can stop him until he sees the villain lying on the ground and bathed in blood. It is the difference between the Saiyans that appear in Dragon Ball Super, since they can forgive their victim for the censorship that exists in this year 2017 worldwide.