Hello friends of Dragon Ball Super. This time I come to explain the real reason why Goku is using the Super Saiyan Blue in all his battles. As we all know, each transformation has a base state, an intermediate state and its limit state. When only one base mode is used in one mode, not much energy is spent, quite the opposite happens when it is in a mode and takes it to the limit. This causes it to wear, much faster, than if you use a new transformation, stronger than the previous one.

Examples of the latest battles

Goku vs. Kirlin: In this showdown, we can see that it's all about watching the combat strategies, to see if Kirlin is qualified to go to the Power Tournament.

In this combat Goku says that he will not be held and then transformed into Super Saiyan Blue, then the power clash begins, when Number 18 realizes that Goku, is being exceeded interrupts the battle.

The important thing is to see that although a warrior is using a stronger transformation, it does not mean that he is using all the power he has. This is clear, when we see Goku relaxed after the fight that apparently was so intense for the two, but it is only Kirlin who ends up very exhausted by reaching his limit.

Additional information

Then everyone wondered why Number 17 was fighting at the same level as Goku in Super Saiyajin Blue? Now if we can understand the reality of this battle, at first Goku becomes Super Saiyajin, to measure the strength of Number 17, since he does not have ki, for this reason is that it surprises Goku in this mode by hitting him several times.

Then Goku realizes that he has to use more power and also notes that Number 17 is not using all his power and becomes Super Saiyajin Blue, but again can not calculate his power and, for this reason, again is surprised. At the end of the fight, both admit that they were not using all their power.

The fact that Goku is using his most powerful transformation does not mean that he uses all the power he has.

The great thing is that we will see different levels of power in the tournament that is organized by the Zenos Gods, who seek to eliminate 11 Universes so that there can only be one Universe and thus can only give new life to one. Deployments in each adversary will be lethal so that the event of the power tournament is a success since the priest Daishinkan is the cause of the rules so that nobody uses the method of flying through the air since the sand is designed to fight against one.