In Chapter 86 of "Dragon Ball Super" Dende and Goku talked about Uub. After the tournament of survival, Goku would become the teacher of Uub. Goku would look at Uub for training train or possibly we will see a tournament where the father of Gohan and Uub will face each other. The disciple of the main protagonist, would have much participation after the "Universal Tournament" and it is possible a new villain will appear.

The odds of a new saga could be as follows

1) The Universe 7th will have problems with some other Universe. It is necessary to emphasize that of the 12 Universes, only 8 Universes were selected to participate in the "Survival Tournament".

Possibly, we could see some new villain that comes from the 4 Universes that have better mortal development.

2) You could also create a saga of dragons, super spheres of Zarama or the same spheres of planet Earth that could expel evil energy and we would see a saga of evil dragons. Possibly future villains will be very powerful and all the universes will unite to fight them.

The plot

We have not yet seen all the angels fight. Possibly "Akira Toriyama" will be preparing a great saga at the end of "Super Dragon Ball." It could be the first time that angels fight against evil. Possibly Zeno Sama, could also hide something, as we know every powerful god always has a rival, called satan. Perhaps there will appear a very powerful villain who has been locked somewhere.

Uub could help Goku a lot to defeat the new enemies. So we can say that we will see new sagas where Goku and his disciple will fight to protect their universe.

Additional information

We know that there are 6 angels who are inactive, which could be the key point of a future saga. On the other hand, the Saiyans of the Universe 6, could also play a big role in the series.

After the Universal Tournament, Vegeta could probably visit the Planet of Kyabe. "Dragon Ball Super" has possibly over 200 chapters because there is a chance that the Universe 7, conflicts with the developed universes. Consequently, there may appear a villain who threatens all Universes and perhaps Zeno Sama is not the most powerful being, We do not know the origin of anybody.

All the angels possess very powerful techniques so possibly we will see someday a battle between villain and angels. Uub will have to train a lot with Goku if he wants to obtain a higher level. If he does, the disciple will be the most powerful human being on planet earth.

Just wait to see what happens next week in the "Dragon Ball Super" anime and its new mysteries.