London has been shocked after an attack on Parliament with confirmed 20 injured and 4 dead. This stage though information is slowly seeping into public knowledge with Parliament Square and the bridge shut by police and security services. With the flow of information slow, society must remember to not jump to conclusions and allow the investigations to be completed.

This is also not the time for any politician to be using this to further their own agenda or point of view. London must unite and stand strong, which it will.

What we know

There is little information known as to what happened but what is known is that the assailant mowed down many pedestrians and drove into the railings before jumping the iron fence of parliament and attacking the police officer who tackled him.

Unfortunately, the officer in question was stabbed and after an attempt by Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood to resuscitate him, he was later confirmed to have passed away. But the former army officer has been rightly praised for his actions.

A group of French students were also caught up in the incident with several being injured in the process. One woman was recovered from the Thames after jumping from Westminster Bridge. The alleged assailant was shot and killed by armed police.

After speaking to several people at the scene, they all spoke of ‘shock’ that it would happen in London. You hear about incidents from all over the world but London had yet to be effected by such a serious incident. But there is also a lot of talk of unity and the city will not be affected by such an incident.

Investigations will be carried out in the meantime and we must all sit and wait for those results.


The area is eerily quiet and the normal hustle and bustle around parliament has gone for the time being. But we cannot as a city let this scare us and we must continue to work together to stop incidents such as these from happening again.

We cannot allow these kinds of incidents to cause hatred to other groups for the minorities actions, we must stand in Solidarity with each other. Full story will be reported as soon as all the information is available.