The film Deadpool by Tim Miller was a comic book that was developed in a scenario or environment totally different from the usual genre. This arrangement to the big screen of the personage created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza is in charge of the debutante in the direction Tim Miller, Who already was in charge of the special effects of another feature film That also is an adaptation of a comic. In the new previous instalment of this film we can see the main character based on the less conventional anti-hero of Marvel Comics, Deadpool tells the origin of this ex-agent of the Special Forces, turned into mercenary, who after passing through a cruel experiment acquires supernatural powers of healing and other surprising qualities.

Deadpool will try to hunt the man who almost destroys his life by revenge. So this creates a lot of questions in the audience about how the new Deadpool 2 instalment will be.

There are many expectations regarding the new delivery of Deadpool

For nobody is a secret that Deadpool step from being nothing to being a great hero, is now possibly the most popular character in the famous X-Men franchise Thanks to the new movie, While the other projects were developed, Fox was just waiting for Merc With The Mouth Make a small budget back, Now we know that this new film project has a great future, Not much is known about it, because it is very recent, just as there have been certain statements about the film.

Deadpool is one of the most beloved characters in Marvel Comics And apart from wanted with a long career to explode. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are the script writers and producers of this new film release.

The comments of the new producers of Deadpool 2 give much to wait on the new project

Writer and Producer Rhett Reese said of his new production that "I was trying not to think much about the production of the film because the movies often use the existing one to make the new ones.

That makes me feel like "oh, here we go" Is something that really should not have more relevance as to the new shooting", Is something that really should not have more relevance as to the new shooting, of course, we want to configure the characters for Deadpool 2. But that really is not our first goal."That the first fun objective, with the most unexpected emotions, so that the public and satisfies all our new film of Deadpool” Already with the comments that made Reese we can only wait for the delivery of the new film of Deadpool.