'Deadpool 2' teaser trailer released: - 'Deadpool 2' teaser trailer of 2018 was unveiled by the makers of the movie on March 4th, 2017 on the official youtube channel of Kinocheck International. The teaser was a huge hit among the fans of this superhero movie as it garnered 10 million views within 48 Hours of its release with 363k likes. As per the filmmakers, "Deadpool 2 is the new action movie by Tim Miller, starring Ryan Reynolds, Kyle Chandler and Karan Soni. The script was written by Paul Wernick." let's check the first look video from the movie below.

'Deadpool 2' first look teaser trailer

The makers unveiled 3 minutes 45 seconds first look teaser video from this sequel movie of 'Deadpool'. The teaser starts with the lead character walking through the streets and he suddenly finds a stranger trying to kill an old man. Then he immediately rushes into the phone booth to wear his superhero clothes and when he was about to come outside from the phone booth, a gun shot will be hit at the phone booth.

Later when the Deadpool superhero comes out from the phone booth, he observes that old man was shot dead already. Finally, he lays on the old man and eats something which fell down from the bag of the old man which ends the teaser on a funny note. Overall, it's an impressive funny teaser from Ryan Reynold's 'Deadpool' sequel movie.

'Dead pool 2' release date details

The makers of the movie confirmed that the film is going to release on 2nd march 2018. After its first part which released on February 12th, 2016 remains as superhit at the ticket window, the second part gains much interest from the fans of the movie.

The first part of 'Deadpool' minted $363 million from domestic box office and $420 million from the International markets.

Overall, the movie collected $783 million worldwide which was made under a budget of $58 million. Currently, the makers are producing the second part of the limited budget less than $100 million and Trade experts predict that the second part might hit $1000 million mark due to superb craze on this project among the audience.