Recently it was revealed that the name of the character, that many called Martian because of his colour and the big eyes, as Jiren. With last time revealing his name and some main qualities, especially his breath-taking power. Previously mentioned in videos and articles of Blasting, this is the most powerful of the members of the pride troop of the eleventh universe. Reason will be the contender to beat by Goku, then let us analyse the information that has stepped out.

Just like many characters of Dragon Ball Super, this has also been revealed in the game Dragon Ball Heroes.

Where it shows some characteristics and main techniques of him, revealing that he is one of the most powerful characters of the game.

Principal technique

His principal technique is light effect, which is very strong and fulminant, but for making it takes some time, being a slow technique but deadly, also from being the most powerful of the pride troop, being this that way and with the rule that prohibits to kill the rival, we will not see this technique unless is the last resource.

In the video shows him fighting with Hit, everything seems to show that has an upper level that Hit and Goku, therefore makes him the rival to beat by Goku, undoubtedly there is too much information to analyse, regarding to his personality is very like his leader’s Toppo one, despite he is not as angry as his master.

This warrior

Really, this Warrior, his power is only commensurable with the destructor Gods, it seems that as always, the information that got out over Toppo was not from him, but it would be about Jiren, as happened with Lavenda and Bergamo, that not all the information that got out was veracious, but there was too much confusion, with this warrior can be successor of the destructor Gods too.

On the other side, it is mentioned that all members of the pride troops of the eleventh universe, also from being too much powerful, have also a higher sense of justice and peace, principal functions that must fulfil and protect in their universe. These must be with approval of the Vermut.