40 hours separate Goku and the others from the start of the Tournament that will decide the survival of the seventh universe. The tournament of power made by the Zeno involving 8 of the existing 12 universes will start with a massive fight between 80 warriors who will fight to duel in the world of Munokai for the survival of their worlds. The pressure is great and to win the victory of this tournament requires power, dexterity, intelligence, strategy and something that would not be otherwise have allies.

Universe 7

If there is something good that the universe 7 had in spite of its terrible rate of mortality and power, is that in the last time it has been related to other universes.

Thanks to the food duel between the brothers Bills and Champa, the universes 6 and 7 have joined thanks to the tournament between them. Added to that, the relationship between his warriors is good apart from the treacherous galactic pirate Frost. On the other hand, due to the tragic event of Goku Black and the human extinction and death of the Kaioshin, the universe 7 has also joined the tenth because Goku and the others stopped the human zero plan of the evil Zamasu. However, they will wonder…What would an alliance in the power tournament serve? How could they carry it out?


First, an alliance between universes would serve to unify their respective warriors by helping one another. For example, Hit could collaborate with Goku, Kyabe with Vegeta and so on.

On the other hand, we can say that it could be carried out as the tournament progresses, leaving other universes out of combat until they reach the point where allies must contend. It is here when a small problem arises with these alliances because sooner or later the final battle between both allies would be imminent. Equally, although both allies are condemned to face sooner or later, it is always better to form teams and help each other because thanks to that there will be more chances of reaching the end of the tournament and consequently more chance of being saved from the disappearance.

Question: Do you think there will be alliances in the power tournament? If you have any theory does not hesitate to share it in the comment box.