Jeff Bridges brought back what is quite possibly his most iconic role on Hollywood Boulevard for an event honouring his friend and colleague John Goodman. Bridges donned the classic shaggy cardigan of Jeff “The Dude” (or “El Duderino,” if you’re not into the whole brevity thing) Lebowski for the ceremony celebrating John Goodman’s inauguration into the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

‘Good afternoon, sweet prince’

Bridges, hot off losing the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor to the first Muslim to win an Oscar, paraphrased Goodman’s character’s eulogy speech from “The Big Lebowski” by saying, “Good afternoon, sweet prince.” He did a rambling, Dude-style version of that monologue, switching out all the parts that suggest Steve Buscemi’s character is dead and replacing them with parts that suggest John Goodman’s talent and legacy is fantastic and worth remembering.

The moment came as a surprise to everyone, especially Goodman, who was asked by Bridges to hold his suit while he replaced it on the podium with Jeff Lebowski’s famous beige-y knit sweater from the classic Coen brothers comedy. There were loud cheers from the crowd who suddenly became excited to see one of the greatest movie icons of all time resurrected before their very eyes.

Bridges gave a lovely speech commending Goodman, saying that he is “a good actor” and “a good man,” before making a typically cringe-worthy Lebowski joke by pairing “good man” with the name Goodman. He said that Goodman is “one of us,” and that “he loves the outdoors and acting,” and described the far-reaching calibre of his acting experience on “stages from Los Angeles to New York,” and adding, “we’re talking Broadway here, man!”

Goodman’s honour is long overdue

Bridges also added that, in addition to his theatre work, “he’s done some weird little movies, too.” Humble, considering that Goodman has 149 screen credits to his name.

His latest Film, “Kong: Skull Island,” was released this weekend, topping the Friday box office and dethroning worthy foe “Logan.”

The praise for Goodman continued as Bridges said that the actor has “lived, like so many men in prior generations have lived their lives.” He called him “a man of his times, a man of our times, and he has become a legend.” All very true, and to make the audience love Goodman even more (if that’s even possible), the big, adorable actor was giggling uncontrollably behind him.