Loose Women star Coleen Nolan emerged victorious in the Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) house for the year 2017. As the current season ends, I wish to ask one central question. What have we learnt from this year's CBB?

The intensity

One thing is that it is a long, grueling and intense process. This was epitomised clearly through Nolan's comments and reactions after leaving the house. In addition to saying, as reported in the Manchester Evening News newspaper, that "I've done so much crying on this show I feel traumatised", she went on to state that the experience was "relentless and brutal".

Nolan even added that the experience, her second time as a contestant, was "horrendous". This clearly illustrates the intensity.

The fights

Another thing that we have learnt is the infighting that goes on in the house. The situation between Kim Woodburn and Jamie O'Hara demonstrates this. As a result of "trading verbal abuse" with the former footballer, it led to Woodburn being "escorted out of the house" (although temporarily) by security, as reported on the Radio Times website. In addition to this, what has also been noticed is the backstabbing that goes on in the house. This was illustrated by the souring of relations between Stephen Bear and "bromance buddy" Lewis Bloor, according to the Mirror newspaper.

It was claimed that Stephen Bear hinted to Chloe Khan that he will end up "cheating on Marnie Simpson". He then went on to state that "he wouldn't trust Lewis if he were Marnie".

The passion

Another aspect that we have learnt is, as ever, the romance that goes on inside the house, most notably between Bianca Gascoigne and Jamie O'Hara.

After becoming the first person to leave the house on Friday evening, she stated that her relationship with O'Hara "wasn't showmance" and that she never expected "to feel how I felt about Jamie", as reported in the Sun newspaper.

Although a lot seems to be going on and there it may not be, at times, pretty viewing, the general public do seem to like it. Although down from last year, the show peaked with 3.2 million viewers according to the Telly Mix website.