And no, it’s not a lie, our noses will be just fine! Latest spoilers reveal that August aka Pinocchio (Eion Bailey) will return to the show when the second half of season 6 returns in March. We last saw Eion Bailey’s Pinocchio in the finale of "Once Upon a Time’s" season 4, when he provided insight on King Arthur Mythology. His debut was midway through first season, with his character known as the “Stranger” - later discovered to be Pinocchio.

He might provide help to dear old friends

It is yet unclear whether August will play any role in helping Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Regina (Lana Parilla) escape the Wish Realm, although this seems to be the most popular speculation.

In the mid-season finale the heroines found themselves stuck in an alternate reality, when Regina could not leave the Realm after encountering another returning character and the love of her life – Robin Hood (Sean Maguire). As Emma and Regina missed their chance to jump through the portal straight back to Storybrooke, they will need to find a new way home.

In an exclusive photo released to TVLine and revealing Pinocchio’s return, he is seen inspecting a wood carving and surrounded by other materials. Judging by the clothes he’s wearing, the set doesn’t seem to fit into Storybrooke environment. It is possible he’s in the Wish Realm with the girls and since they could now use the help of an old friend, this scenario seems quite likely.

Wish Realm, Storybrooke, Enchanted Forest or a whole new world?

The show’s co-creator Adam Horowitz commented that we will get to see him in multiple worlds and realms, so maybe Emma and Regina will bring August back to Storybrooke or perhaps the photo shows August in another, yet unknown “Once Upon A Time” reality.

We’ve seen that the show’s creators’ imagination has no limits, so God knows what’s cooking in their heads (or should we say, on the paper?).

Good to have him back!

Whatever the reason for Pinocchio’s or August’s return, we are happy to have him back, as surely most Oncers agree with Adam Horowitz’s statement: “We love Eion Bailey, we love August and we love Pinocchio.” Season 6 is certainly getting exciting!